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  • Updated on 07-May-2024
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Email bounce-back errors occur when an email you've sent cannot be delivered successfully to the recipient's inbox.

These errors are typically accompanied by a bounce-back message that provides information about why the delivery failed. Here are some common email bounce-back errors:

  1. Mailbox Full: The recipient's mailbox is full and cannot accept new messages until the user makes more space available.
  2. Blocked Sender or Domain:550 5.7.1 - This message has been blocked because the sender's IP address is blacklisted: This indicates that the sender's IP address is listed on a spam or blacklist and emails from that address are being rejected.

  3. Connection timed out: The server will usually try to resend your message over a 48 hour period. After that timeframe, you should receive a notification in case the delivery has failed.
  4. Server Unavailable: 421 4.2.0 - Server busy, please try again later: The recipient's mail server is temporarily unavailable due to high traffic or maintenance.

  5. Domain Not Found:550 5.1.10 - Recipient domain not found: The recipient's domain doesn't exist, or the DNS records are misconfigured.

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