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What Is Catch All Email And For What Purpose It Is Used

Catchall email accounts are a must-have for any business that wants to ensure they're catching every single email sent their way, no matter the typo in the address. Let’s dive into what a catchall email is and why it might be just what your business needs.

What is a Catchall Email?

A catchall email account is a special kind of mailbox set up on a domain to capture all emails sent to any address within that domain that does not have a specific mailbox assigned. This means if an email is directed towards a non-existent address, instead of bouncing back to the sender, it lands in the catchall email account.

Why Use a Catchall Email?

Preventing Missed Communications:
It’s easy to mistype an email address. Catchall emails ensure that messages intended for your business, even if sent to [email protected] instead of [email protected], don’t get lost in the digital void. This can be crucial for customer service and opportunity retention.

Simplifying Email Management:
Especially for smaller businesses or individual websites, managing multiple email accounts can be overwhelming. A catchall email streamlines this by gathering all misaddressed emails into one place, reducing the need for multiple accounts and ensuring no email goes unread.

Info! With a catchall email, you don’t need a separate email account for every department or potential typo.

Step-by-Step Guide

Log in to Your cPanel Account:

Access your cPanel by navigating to http://yourdomain.com/cpanel or through your intoHOST clientarea.You can find all steps  here: https://intohost.com/kb/how-do-i-login-to-my-intohost-cpanel

Navigate to Email Section:

Once logged in, locate the Email section on the cPanel home page and click on the Default Address icon.


Default Address

Select the Domain:

If you manage multiple domains, use the drop-down menu at the top of the Default Address page to select the domain for which you want to set up the catchall email address.

Select Email ID


Set Up the Default Address:

Choose the “Forward to Email Address” option and enter the email address where you want all unrouted emails to be sent. This is your catchall email address.


Save the Changes:

Click the Change button to save your settings after entering your preferred catchall email address.

Alternative Handling Options for Unrouted Emails in cPanel

When setting up your cPanel email configurations, you have various options to handle emails sent to non-existent addresses within your domain. Here’s a look at each alternative to the catchall email address, allowing you to choose the best strategy based on your needs.

Alternative Options

Discard the Email with an Error Message:

  • This option allows you to discard emails sent to incorrect or non-existent addresses while automatically sending an error message back to the sender. The error message informs them that their email was not delivered.
Danger! This method communicates directly with senders, which can confirm to spammers that your domain is active. Use this with caution.

Advanced Options

Advance Options

Under the Advanced Options drop-down menu in your cPanel, you can find more sophisticated configurations:

  1. Forward to Your System Account:

    • Each cPanel account comes with a system email account. If no default address is set, emails to invalid addresses can be directed here. Accessing these emails is straightforward via your webmail.
  2. Pipe to a Program:

    • For a more automated approach, consider piping unrouted emails to a program. This is particularly useful for business processes, such as automatically converting support emails into tickets in a ticketing system.
    Info! Piping emails to a program can streamline operations and enhance response times for customer inquiries.
  3. Discard (Not Recommended):

    • Although not generally recommended, you can choose to completely discard incoming emails to non-existent addresses. This might be suitable for domains receiving significant amounts of spam directed at old or random email addresses.
    Warning! Use the discard option judiciously, as it prevents any recovery of potentially important emails mistakenly sent to incorrect addresses.

Choosing the Right Option

When deciding how to handle unrouted emails, consider both your operational needs and the potential security implications. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks, and the right choice depends on your specific circumstances.

Need Help?

If you encounter any issues, please open a support ticket here or start a LiveChat session using the icon located at the bottom right of the screen.

Catchall email addresses are a great tool for businesses to ensure they capture every message. Proper management and monitoring can mitigate potential issues such as increased spam. For more information on managing your email effectively using cPanel, you might find these articles helpful:

By maintaining a cautious and vigilant approach, you can benefit significantly from the utility of a catchall email address without overwhelming your inbox.

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