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Welcome to intoHOST and thank you for visiting our website. intoHOST registered USA based web hosting company with NTN # 4759614. Our offices are located at 501 SILVERSIDE RD STE 105 WILMINGTON, DE 19809 USA.

We are providing international standard web hosting services and support to our clients since May 2009, and in just 4 years we are now one of USA’s top 3 web hosting service providers, in terms of clients.

Provided Services
intoHOST provides Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Web Development and Domain Registration services to our customers with reliable service and dependable support as the foundation of our operation. We believe in providing rock solid service and a friendly, reachable support to meet the international standards that we set for ourselves. We are always reachable to our clients through phone, email and variety of other ways listed on the website.

Why Choose Us:

  • intoHOST is among USA’s top 3 web hosting companies in terms of clients!
  • Less than 45 minutes average ticket response time
  • Currently serving 5,000+ sites
  • USA’s top ASP.Net hosting service provider
  • Only host providing Shared, VPS/Cloud, Dedicated Servers in Both Linux and Windows
  • Serving 50+ Dedicated / VPS Servers in both Linux and Windows
  • 99.96% server uptime consistantly maintained in last 3 years

What Makes intoHOST Different?
We believe that web hosting is about clients not about websites and servers. We believe in developing a strong and friendly relationship with our clients. This personal approach of doing business helps us in understanding clients’ needs. Our strong emphasis on client satisfaction combined with human interaction in doing business with our clients sets us apart from the rest of hosting companies .
We take pride in our customer service and strive to keep your business going every day.

Stable, Secure and Innovative Technology Standards
You will always find intoHOST’s Internet Services, your trusted and reliable partner in your business development and growth, because we enjoy working with the latest technology, and our staff strives to provide the customers with the latest technology that they require. This helps us constantly improving the technical knowledge and system administration skills of our support.
We do not bind ourselves to any particular style or technology. We are extremely flexible in determining the best technology and approach for your site’s success, but never compromising on stability and security that your application needs.

About intoHOST
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All About intoHOST

Yes, we're a great choice! intoHOST provides international standard services at competitive rates. Plus, our customer service is second-to-none, with 24x7x365 Email, Tickets, Live Chat, Phone support channels. We've been in the game for over a decade, and we've learned a thing or two about making our clients happy, as is evident from our customer reviews.

Sure! intoHOST began its journey in 2009. Our goal has always been to provide international quality, affordable web hosting to growing IT enthusiasts, bloggers, freelancers, shops, businesses in .

Yes, we have plenty of experience. intoHOST has been serving clients in the web hosting industry for over 13 years now.

At intoHOST, customer service is our priority # 1. We have a dedicated customer care team ready to assist you 24/7/365, with real solutions to your problems. We believe in resolving issues fast and keeping our clients satisfied.

We love interacting on all social platforms! However, we're particularly active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms are where you can connect with us for updates, queries, or just to say hi!

Our headquarters is based in the beautiful city of Islamabad, .

Certainly. Our mission is to empower every business with reliable, affordable web hosting. Our vision? To be the most customer-centric hosting company around.

Our leadership team includes our fearless CEO (Saima Riaz), the tech-savvy CTO (Israr ul Haq), and our dedicated Customer Service Directors (Scheraz Ch and Hassan Mushtaq). Each brings a wealth of experience and a passion for excellence to the table.

We're currently hosting over 50,000 clients and growing. We're proud to serve such a diverse and dynamic community of businesses.

Yes, indeed! We believe that outstanding customer service is critical, so we have a dedicated team ready to answer your queries and solve any issues 24/7.

We appreciate all feedback! You can contact us through our customer portal (through tickets), email, live-chat, WhatsApp or message us on any of our social media platforms. Your feedback helps us get better.

Yes, we did merge back in July 2019 with the goal of mutual growth through cooperation. However, due to partnership disputes, the merger ended in December 2021. This was a challenging time for intoHOST as company and it's management but above all our valued customers. We recognize that during the merger and especially at the end of merger, our services did not meet the high standards that our customers expect from intoHOST. The impact on customer service was significant, causing inconvenience, confusion, and in some cases, frustration for our clients. We deeply regret any inconvenience this caused our customers.

During the merger period, we acknowledge that our customer support suffered and our ratings declined on sites like Trustpilot, Google. While these were difficult times, the experience reinforced the importance of customer-centric service and the trust our clients place in us.

Today, we are proud to share that as of July 2023, a year and a half after returning to our original management, we have not only worked to resolve leftover issues from the merger but also strengthened our services for the future. And we are proud to say our customer services are appreciated again by our clients and our ratings have significantly rebounded and our customer service has returned to delivering the quality and responsiveness our customers deserve.

We know the merger caused challenges and inconveniences for our customers. We deeply regret the difficulties clients faced during this period. Through the experience, we have become more resilient, customer-centric, and committed to providing excellent web hosting services. We thank our customers for their patience and continued trust in intoHOST. Please be assured that we remain dedicated to delivering the best possible service moving forward.

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